Mableton, GA funeral home and cremation arrangements

Memorial Arrangement Ideas for Loved Ones Who Choose Cremation

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Whether you’ve found yourself coordinating a memorial service for a loved one with a clearly outlined preplan or you are suddenly involved in making unguided, tough final arrangement decisions, the responsibility of getting it “right” comes with a lot of pressure. Planning can feel tremendously arduous. But, it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.    For most, sharing and communicating the life, […]

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funeral home and cremation in Powder Springs, GA

Creative Funeral Service Brainstorming

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These days, there are more and more people choosing to embrace uncommon and unique ideas for their loved one’s funeral. In doing so, the bereaved take steps in healing by creating a fitting send-off to the deceased. Keep reading for creative funeral home and cremation arrangement ideas. Reuse Funeral Flowers   Often, there are more funeral flowers than […]

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Marietta, GA funeral home and cremation services

Choosing Well for Your Loved One’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Posted on August 6, 2018 by Kyle Struempf | 2 Comments
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Making all the right decisions regarding a loved one’s final arrangements is never easy. There are family members to deal with logistically and personally, financial decisions to be made, facilities to assess and choose from—the list of responsibilities can feel endless. But, in truth, the list is not endless. And, if navigated systematically, mourning persons can choose well for their loved […]

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I almost hate to write this blog entry. But, someone has to address the very real possibility that you could encounter a bully of a funeral director in your search for the right professional team to assist you with your loved one’s funeral arrangements in Marietta, GA. Since I work in the death care industry […]

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Are you considering cremation as part of your pre-planned final arrangement or for your loved one? If so, we here at Davis-Streumpf Funeral Home & Crematory in Powder Springs, GA desire to help you traverse the ins and outs of doing so. First, we want you to know there are many options with cremation services […]

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