Funeral Facts That You Wouldn’t Know

Posted on May 15, 2023 by Kyle Struempf under Funeral Home
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Funeral homes in Powder Springs, GA

A funeral is an intensive ceremony, and there are many facts about this process that people don’t know. Funeral homes in Powder Springs, GA is the best place for information, but we can also help you. When you want to see some interesting facts about funerals, you’ll see we’ve covered you. Funerals have changed so much over the years that you’ll know it’s an extensive process, and people have many more options than before.


What Type Of Container Do You Want?


The first thing you’ll need to decide if you’re going to be buried is whether or not you’d like a coffin or a burial. Both are good options, but they are different from each other. A coffin is more tapered to the body, and a casket is made of different materials and is usually more expensive. In the United States, you’ll see more caskets than other options.


You Can Choose To Be Cremated


A cremation will reduce your body to ash by flames. This is the most popular funeral option, and people prefer it for many reasons. It’s a cheaper solution, far quicker than burying your loved one, and a greener choice. In some countries, you’ll see that they are at over ninety percent on their cremation rate.


You Don’t Have To Embalm


People don’t realize that you don’t have to embalm if you don’t choose to. However, if you choose not to, you’ll have to understand that you can’t hold off on the burial. Embalming makes the body last longer, so the issue with not embalming is going to be that the body won’t hold out as long as it could if you did. For eco-friendly reasons, you’ll find people like this option, and if you choose not to embalm, we’d recommend undertaking a biodegradable urn.


The Romans Had Hundreds Of Mourners

Funeral homes in Powder Springs, GA


The Romans did funerals a little differently than everyone else. In ancient times, hundreds of mourners would show up at the ceremony because it was believed that the more people that would show up to your funeral, the more famous and worthy you were. You would also hear the procession from miles away, and the fanfare would last for hours or more.


In addition, you’d see those headstones were dedicated more to women and little ones than others because soldiers were not legally allowed to marry. They would get honored in death through their family in a way that they didn’t during life. This was seen as an honorable solution to their rules.


Funerals Have Changed Over The Years


Over the years, funerals have changed, and funeral homes in Powder Springs, GA can tell you trends and what’s acceptable. You’ll find that some of the trends that we have now need to be deemed proper etiquette, and you should refrain from employing tactics that are rude or will hurt the family. Remember that when you have doubts, ask the director what to do. They want to help you and can make sure your needs are met appropriately and that you get whatever you want.


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