Types of Cremation: Understanding Your Options

Posted on June 10, 2024 by Kyle Struempf under Cremation Service
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cremation services Austell, GA


Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for honoring a loved one’s life, offering flexibility and a range of options to suit different family needs and preferences. At Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory, we provide various types of cremation services, ensuring that each family can find the right fit. As one of the leading providers of cremation services Austell, GA, we are dedicated to guiding you through the process with care and compassion.


Traditional Cremation Services

Traditional cremation services typically include a visitation or viewing, a formal funeral service, and the cremation itself. This option allows families to have a traditional ceremony with the body present before the cremation. It provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather, share memories, and offer support. Following the service, the cremation takes place, and the ashes are returned to the family, who can then choose a final resting place.


Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a simpler, more cost-effective option that forgoes the traditional funeral service. In this process, the body is cremated shortly after death without a preceding ceremony. This option is often chosen by families who prefer a private or no-fuss approach. After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the family, who can then hold a memorial service at a time and place of their choosing.


Cremation with Memorial Service

A cremation with a memorial service allows for the flexibility of holding a service after the cremation has taken place. This type of service can be held at any location, such as a church, funeral home, or a meaningful place to the deceased. Memorial services can be personalized with photos, videos, favorite music, and shared memories, creating a heartfelt tribute to the loved one.


Cremation with Viewing

For families who wish to have a viewing or visitation before the cremation, cremation with viewing is an ideal choice. This option includes embalming and preparation of the body, allowing friends and family to say their final goodbyes. After the viewing, a private or public service can be held, followed by the cremation. This option combines the benefits of traditional funeral rites with the simplicity of cremation.


Green Cremation

Green cremation, also known as bio-cremation or alkaline hydrolysis, is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cremation. This process uses water, heat, and alkalinity to break down the body, resulting in a lower environmental impact. The remains are similar to those from traditional cremation and can be returned to the family in an urn. Green cremation is a fitting option for those who prioritize environmental sustainability.


Pre-Planning Cremation Services

At Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer pre-planning services for those who wish to make their cremation arrangements in advance. Pre-planning provides peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be honored and relieving your family of the burden of making decisions during a difficult time. Our experienced staff can help you explore your options and choose the services that best reflect your preferences.


cremation services Austell, GA

Personalized Cremation Services

Personalizing cremation services allows families to create a unique and meaningful tribute to their loved one. This can include customizing the urn, incorporating personal items into the service, or choosing a special location for the memorial. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a service that honors your loved one’s life in a way that feels right for you.


We invite you to learn more about our cremation services Austell, GA and how we can assist you in creating a meaningful tribute. Contact us for more information or to begin planning a service that honors your loved one in a respectful and dignified manner. As one of the most trusted providers of cremation services, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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