Ways in Which You Can Customize a Loved One’s Urn

Posted on May 8, 2023 by Kyle Struempf under Cremation Service
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Do you want to make sure that your loved one’s urn stands out from the second that you put their cremated remains into it following their cremations services in Marietta, GA? Then you should work to customize your loved one’s urn in whichever ways that you can. There are a handful of things that you can do to your loved one’s urn to separate it from the pack. Check out a few of the best options that you’ll have below and then begin working to make your loved one’s urn special.


Choose the right materials for your loved one’s urn.

First things first: Before you can begin trying to customize a loved one’s Marietta, GA cremation urn, you’ll need to choose the right materials for it. Some urns are made out of metal, while others are made out of stone. There are also wooden urns as well as urns that contain nothing but biodegradable materials. You should pick out the materials that you think would suit your loved one’s urn best. It’ll get the urn customization process off to a fantastic start.


Decide which shape you would like your loved one’s urn to be.

Once you know what materials will be used to make a loved one’s urn, you should give some thought to what shape you want the urn to be. These days, you can make an urn look like almost anything that you want. You can create an urn that looks like a cross, a baseball, or any number of other items. You should consider which shape would work well for your loved one’s urn based on their interests and the things that are important to them. You should be able to come up with something great after doing some brainstorming.


Make your loved one’s urn their favorite color.

More often than not, urns end up being very basic colors like black and brown because people aren’t aware that they can have them painted a different color. If possible, you should try to see if you can make your loved one’s urn their favorite color. You can create an urn that is red, blue, green, yellow, or a combination of a bunch of different colors. Making an urn a bright color will definitely make it unique and allow your loved one to continue to make a strong statement even in death.


Add engravings to the exterior of your loved one’s urn.

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Before you put the finishing touches on a loved one’s customized urn, you should look into adding some engravings to the exterior of it. In some cases, this will mean engraving your loved one’s name along with the dates for their birth and death. In other instances, it will mean engraving a picture of your loved one or a poem that reminds you of them. Either way, you should feel free to engrave whatever you want on the exterior of an urn. It’ll put you and your family in a position to celebrate a loved one’s life through the engravings that you choose.


Any time families plan Marietta, GA cremations through our funeral home, we make it our mission to help them create the best cremation urns possible for their cremated remains. Contact us to hear about how you can customize an urn for your loved one when you’re putting plans for their cremation in place.

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