What You Don’t Know About Funerals

Posted on May 1, 2023 by Kyle Struempf under Funeral Home
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Most people never have to think about funerals, and those usually don’t have to worry about it until later in their lives. Understandably, people don’t know what to do when this situation occurs. When you’ve found yourself in this situation, our list might help. Keep reading to discover things about a funeral you may not have known before, and remember that funeral homes in Marietta, GA will answer any questions.

You Can Choose Your Funeral Location

Funerals have evolved into a different situation, and now you can choose where you want your service held. For example, this is quickly done when you plan your funeral and wish to have a service in a foreign location or destination area. You’ll only have to focus on the area’s rules and what you are and are not allowed to do. In addition, you’ll need time to plan as it makes things easier on the family and ensures that your wishes will happen.

The Containers Are Not The Same Thing

Many people who choose to be buried think the coffin and casket are the same. However, they are not and have differences between two them. As such, we’ll help you see how each option can be what you want. A coffin is different because it has six sides instead of four, and the top is wider than the bottom. The coffin is also shaped into a human’s form while offering a removable lid with hinges.

On the other hand, a casket has a more rectangular shape, and rails are placed along the side. It’s also lined with cloth to help the deceased rest peacefully. Both of these options are commonly used at funerals, and each has its benefits. The trick is knowing what you need and what your loved one would have wanted.

Flowers Are Common Now, But Not In The Past

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While flowers are a common occurrence, they weren’t in the past. In fact, they were used to cover up horrible smells in the past. Because of that, rosemary was more commonly used. This was because they didn’t have the embalming options that they have today, and the body would begin decomposing and rot more quickly. As a result, the family and friends of the deceased would bring rosemary, which had a sweet yet strong scent. It was considered to be a way to honor the dead and a way to show respect while helping subdue the smells.

Funerals Can Be Whatever You Want

Funerals can have whatever services you’d like, and now you can see that old traditions have had an impact, and there are misconceptions about funerals that you may not have known. However, funeral homes in Marietta, GA will be able to give you the information you seek and ensure that you have the services that your family wants. They have a vast array of knowledge you should take advantage of to make this process easier. Each one is designed to help you through this time and ensure that your needs are met to the best of their director’s ability.

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